An irony of the modern world is the double standards we have for ourselves and others. Prophet Muhammed SAW said, “None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.” (Bukhari & Muslim)


Are we really believers? If we claim so, then would we want our sins to be exposed and our dirty laundry displayed in public?


Then why the double standards?


How come we don’t hesitate from listening and sharing other people’s sins? When we hear about another person’s fall, we go on facebook and blast him to the world under the guise of ‘seeking justice’ and ‘protecting others’.


If the person is a religious figure, then woe to him. We are so harsh and our expectations so high that we take away the right of being human from them. We expect them to act like angels, while we ourselves are dancing to the tunes of shaytaan.


Just look at what the person did and look at what you are doing?


Who is benefitting from your actions? Are you? Is the Muslim Ummah?


Who are we fooling?


Why are we expecting ordinary people to have the qualities of Messengers and Prophets? They are the only ones protected by Allah from committing sins; all other humans are bound to slip and make mistakes.


Why are we throwing dirt at other Muslims and exposing the short comings of Muslims for the world to see?


Isn’t the onslaught on Islam from our enemies enough, that now we have to add on to the calamities of the Ummah? And if this person is doing his/her best to serve Islam and thousands if not millions are benefitting from their work, then aren’t we causing a bigger damage than his actions did?


By spreading rumors against him, or even exposing a sin he did commit, we can close a door of goodness and benefit to thousands of deserving people. All so I can ‘avenge’ so called ‘violation’ of my rights? Imagine when I become an obstacle and a lock on the door of goodness?


Our worth in this world is determined by what Allah SWT uses us for. If I expose someone’s sin or slander them, especially if the person is known for good deeds, I will be a cause of stopping this goodness. What a disgrace!


Rasul Allah SAW said, “Verily, among men, there are persons who become the keys to goodness, and the locks of evil. And among men there are people who becomes the locks of goodness, and the keys to evil. Lucky those whom Allah put in their hands the key to goodness, and woe to those whom Allah put in their hands the key to evil.” (Ibn Majah)




Yes, the person committed a sin. You have verified information. Are you the judge and jury? Are you their Lord to reward or punish them?


The person’s sin is their business. It’s between them and their Lord. You have no business involving yourself in the middle. If you expose them, not only have you involved yourself, you have involved all those who will hear about it. You will receive a copy of the evil deeds of all those who hear about it, and all those who spread it further.


Is it really worth it?


What are you are going to gain from it?


What will the Muslim ummah gain?


When you meet Allah, what are you going to tell Him SWT?


One of the most notorious figures in the Islamic history is Hajjaj Ibn Yusuf. His nickname was ‘the slaughter’ due to his indiscriminate killing, especially of the family of the Prophet SAW. He generated a bloodbath around the Ka’bah to the point it took weeks cleaning up the Ka’bah from the blood of Muslims.


According to historians, Hajjaj made tawba andshahada at the moment of death. Some scholars disputed whether we can curse him or use bad words to describe him; majority of the mainstream scholars forbade that. They reasoned that his sins are his business and Allah SWT may have forgiven him. But if we talk about him, it becomes backbiting and broadcasting the sins of others. One sin is not smaller than the other.


Now ask yourself. Is the person you may have disagreement with or whose sin you want to expose, has committed worst acts than killing the seed of the Prophet SAW?


We might think we are doing wonders but in reality we are shaving our good deeds and giving them to the person we claim to despise, and are collecting their bad deeds without even realizing it.


Umar ibn Abdulaziz (RA), the great grandson of Umar ibn Khattab RA, who is considered one of the KhulafaRashideen, was once in a gathering when some people tried to discuss the conflict between Ali RA and Mu’awiya RA. He said:


“It was a fitna that Allah SWT trialed some people with. Why do we dirty our tongues and fall into it? Keep quiet and don’t open something that Allah protected you from”, and forbade people from discussing the issue.


Look at his wisdom and understanding.


Today we have become very careless. We don’t even hesitate in manipulating the knowledge of Allah and his deen to fit our narrative.


Be careful!


You might be living and doing the opposite of what Allah loves and is pleased with; while thinking you are doing goodness. It is the quality of a real believer to go step by step and thoroughly check his intention and motives of doing anything. Before you expose someone’s, sins check your intention, check your motivation, and have a clear understanding of what you are going to gain personally for yourself and your family. Have a clear idea of what the society, Islam, and Muslims will benefit from your actions.


But most of all, have a clear answer to what you will say to Allah on the Day of Judgement when He asks why you did what you did. He SWT will surely ask you…were your actions for me, Islam and Muslims? Did I command you to carry out those actions? Were you following the teachings of my Nabi (SAW)?


Prepare the answer for a day when no excuses will work.


The person you want to expose may have committed one sin, while you will end up committing thousands, and even more.


May Allah SWT accept us among the tawabeen and among those who conceal the faults of Muslims. May Allah SWT protect us from being among those who slander, create tales, expose, and abuse others. May Allah SWT save us from the evil of ourselves and evil of others. May Allah SWT save us from those who slander, disclose, expose and hurt Muslims and Islam. Ameen.



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