People seek counseling for a variety of reasons ranging from personal life challenges to health conditions. There is a common misconception that people who pursue counseling are ‘weak’, when in fact most clients are ordinary people struggling with common, everyday issues. In most cases short-term advice and a fresh perspective is all that is needed to achieve wonderful, life-changing results.


We, at Muslim Upbringing, hope to help you achieve a blissful personal and family life. For this we offer a wide range of counseling services including

  • Pre-Marital Counseling for young men and women ready to get married—individuals or couples
  • Marriage Counseling for couples who are seeking to strengthen their relationship or resolve conflicts
  • Family Counseling to help families improve communication and resolve conflicts
  • Parental Counseling to help parents address challenges they are facing; address particular concerns; formulate best strategies for their parenting style; and help parents be their best

The main benefit of counseling is that it can help you have a productive, fulfilling life which you can enjoy and appreciate. Counseling is simply a tool to help you become the sort of person you want to be. It is your opportunity to address your concerns one-on-one and get an advice that is specific to your personality and your unique needs at this particular time in your life. That is not something you can get from reading a book or listening to a lecture.


We, at Muslim Upbringing, view counseling as really a short-term companionship with a trustworthy, knowledgeable person who can help you reflect over your life and view things in a different light.


We offer you:

  • opportunity to have an open and healthy dialogue
  • findpractical solutionsto your concerns
  • advice from Islamic point of view as well as from experts in various fields oflife
  • respectful interaction and 100% privacy

You are responsible for your own happiness and success. Don’t let anyone deter you from seeking what is best for you.


We are here for you and we promise you results, InshaAllah.


Step 1: Please fill out the entire form so we can get to know you better and help you most effectively. However, your comfort is our priority. Feel free to fill out only the information you would like to share with us and leave the rest of the form blank.

Step 2: Click on Pay Now and complete the payment process.

Personal Counseling – $50 / session.


We believe the nucleus of a nation is the family. The success of a nation depends on the strength of its families. You develop a family, you develop a nation and we hope to do just that!

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