I enjoyed the session a lot! It was out of the box and an original approach. For me it was like medicine which I needed and was in search of. The best part about the workshop was understanding the value and concept of belief in Allah SWT and then ourselves.


The non-judgemental and inviting environment of the session allowed everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin. I loved how interactive the session was and how each and every opinion and question was valued. I can’t wait for the next session.


I loved how interactive the session was. I also liked the structured presentation which was very easy to follow.


I love the way Dr. Nida delivered the session and the way she used brutal honesty to help us discover and bring out the dark truth about ourselves. It makes us question our inner conscience and that’s the start to being a better person, better Muslim, and setting realistic goals for ourselves.


My whole lifestyle has changed after having attended Dr Nida's workshop. Our family is now a healthy diet loving kind. We calculate what we eat based on the nutrition. Green juices are a must for the day...
I see lot of patience in myself when i deal with my kids..lots to learn from these workshops


I attended the workshop at a time my stress levels were very high. I had constant headaches and had developed bruxism due to my stress. For years I had been praying to Allah to help me nurture my family in the best Islamic way and alhamdulillah my duas were answered. The knowledge was presented in an easy to understand and practical manner. Not only that, I am so happy that I gained a wonderful set of sisters who have similar goals as me and who can help me grow closer to Allah. Alhamdulillah.


This workshop has opened my mind and heart to the responsibilities of a Mother, before the workshop I had a limited outlook, there is so much that I can give my children, I learnt how important it is for them to make their own decisions, how important it is for me to let them explore different environments, I learnt that to make them responsible individuals of the society I need to give them responsibilities and open up avenues so that they can see how the underprivileged lived and what their role in society is, I did not know how to get to discipline my children especially in detail, of course, I knew what I wanted from them, or what intention I had for them, but to achieve that goal a lot of knowledge with consultation and help from others and implementing them is very crucial, because it is not about me, it is the duty which Allah has given me.


Parenting workshop...... Didn't feel anytime parenting needs a professionals exposure too. I just started with session to personlise some time for myself. Gradually i started involving myself into it ,analyzing and discovering my ownself, My weakness my assets, my shortcomings, my own personality. I started grooming my activities,my efforts ,my communication with the ideology of this workshop. And today I see a different me, a caring mother and a determined woman in myself.


Though I am not a mother this parenting workshop has taught me that just earning, saving and giving education to children is not upbringing.
I realized if I do not have the knowledge with actions, how can I pass it on to my child?
The whole workshop was revolving around checking my traits and weaknesses, it is for sure if I dont upbring myself now, I ll not be able to do justice to amanah from Allah.
It was an u turn personality change workshop to me. Upbringing myself. A training to mother. Because of it now I know the responsibilities of a mother, I feel its must knowledge before motherhood.
Awakened responsibility in me asks myself ``I wonder without this knowledge what would I have done with my child?``


This workshop has showed me a different direction to live my life.It has not only benifited me but also affected my family.This workshop has made me think always positive . It has made me learn to be patience ,to be gratefull for what i have.I am still not a mother but has made me realise and feel the bond between mother and the child.This workshop has not only showen the woman power but also given many tips to improve in every aspect of one's life. I whole heartedly thank Dr.Nida for making this workshop so effectfull.Allhumdullilah i m so happy to see the change in myself. Last but not the least i thank sis Zohra and team for the effort to make this workshop best and for the for the arrangents made in a very flexible manner. Jzk???


Walaikum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.
I have learnt that intention to Allah(s.w.t) plays an important part in life according to which Allah guidance can be obtained, there was much to learn about first of all to humility to gain knowledge n to accept what is right or wrong,to develop oneself coz as I learnt from the workshop 'if I don't have it I can't give it'.. I have to be grow dynamically with knowledge, practice and implement it. I have to explore different temperament of myself n then only It can help me have reflection on others..I have to learn to respect all especially children coz everyone are worth it, with expertise n wisdom also comes it experience where I have to implement my words into action, I have learnt that things don't happen just like that it requires lot of patience n preserverence .. I am really thankful to sis zohra for giving me a chance to learn what holds to be a murabbi...I am also glad n thankful to Dr.Nida for giving me a wake up call n helping me identify myself.. Jzk


I learnt from this workshop one of the ultimate expression of justice in a family system. Every child is unique and that I have to treat them as an individual, according to their temperaments, to strength their weaknesses and drive their strengths . It was particularly helpful to know their growth every year up to adulthood which has prepared me for the years to come.


I pray this finds you in best of iman and health...ameen. SubhanAllah, I must say that I have never come across anything like upbringing series before. These series of workshops have made me very conscious of myself and all that I was doing correctly/ incorrectly with my kids—whether consciously or unintentionally. I have answers to all the questions I used to have in my mind regarding how my parents were handling things around (May Allah grant them mercy and forgiveness, ameen). They didn't know any better. However, these workshops have equipped me with what I need to change in myself to set an example at home for my boys. May Allah put Barakah in you and your family and accept all your efforts, ameen.



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