When Allah SWT allows me to find out about a person’s sin, shortcoming, or mistake, He wants me to conceal it.


Prophet SAW said, “Whosoever covers (the sins of) a Muslim, Allah covers (his sins) on the Day of Judgment.” (Bukhari)


If you choose to expose the person, why?

For whose benefit?

Do you even have verified information?

Did you approach the person directly and investigate?

Did you advise the person in private to stop and yet they continued?

Is it a pervasive habit of this person and there are many verified cases against him?

Whatever happened, did it damage and harm the Muslim community?


If you still go ahead and expose them, and worst, spread false rumors about them, then just wait to see what will happen to you, in this life and on the Day of Judgment.


An early Islamic scholar wrote a book about this topic and said that those who pry into the mistake of others and investigate their sins and spread them have certain signs:


  1. They ask people about their lives.
  2. They like to hear and follow people’s behaviors in order to pick up mistakes.
  3. They look inside other’s houses (private matters) trying to figure out what is happening.
  4. When they enter other’s houses, they don’t follow the Sunnah of the prophet SAW and when they see something, they don’t refrain from sharing it.


This behavior of the person is a result of…


  1. Corrupted upbringing in a wicked and ignorant family.
  2. Weak iman, since one of the signs of weak iman is that a person is busy looking at the mistakes of others instead of worrying about his own mistakes.
  3. Bad companionship.
  4. Diseases of the heart which allows shaytaan to decorate the sins of others and make the person feel good about himself.
  5. Person’s actions are not for the hereafter and to please Allah SWT, instead they are for some personal gain: either out of vengeance, for worldly gain, satisfaction of the ego, shifting the blame from themselves onto others, making themselves feel good if they made a mistake by throwing dirt on others etc.
  6. It is a sickness; often to relieve themselves of any possible guilt or responsibility. For example,when a mother destroys her children’s behavior with her own hands, if someone points it out or tries to empower her children, she will blame them and seek revenge.
  7. The absence of right tarbiyyah and inability to train their nafs.


What will be the outcome of this?


  1. It will generate bad relationships between people and will result in a sick society full of agitation and conflict.
  2. It will indulge people in ghayba, nameemah and seeking revenge…all of which are opposite to the teachings of Islam.
  3. Whoever does that will gain the anger of Allah and His Prophet (SAW) because it is against their teachings.
  4. Allah promised disgrace to these people, and they will be cursed by Him.
  5. Allah will count them among dhalimeen (oppressors) and they will receive severe torture in Jahannam


Rasul Allah SAW said:


“Whoever institutes a good practice in Islam will have its reward and the reward of whoever acts upon it without detracting from their rewards in the slightest, and whoever institutes an evil practice in Islam will have its sin and the sin of those who act upon it without detracting from their sins in the slightest.” (Muslim)


Which believer in their right state of mind would want to start a rumor or expose a sin and then collect the evil of all those who indulge in it?


We are not even supposed to share our own sins, in fact we shouldn’t even dwell on them. If we make a mistake and Allah SWT covers us, He SWT wants us to make tawba, istighfar and not talk about it even to our own-selves. If the person talks about the sin, it will be re-written (depending on the niyyah).


Now imagine if I see a person committing a sin and I publicize it, and feel good about humiliating the person! That person has committed one sin, I have committed many more, and everyone who repeats this sin of his due to my publicizing it, I will continue to get bad deeds in my account. Now, who is the real loser?


Rasul Allah SAW said, ‘“All the sons of Adam are sinners, but the best of sinners are those who repent often.” (Tirmidhi)


We believe the nucleus of a nation is the family. The success of a nation depends on the strength of its families. You develop a family, you develop a nation and we hope to do just that!

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