Hasan Basri (RA), who was among the greatest Taabi-een, said:


People resemble (morally and spiritually) six kinds of animals: lion, wolf, pig, dog, fox, and sheep.


Lion (Asad): The kings are lions for they oppress the people while no one oppresses them.


Wolf (Thi’ib): The traders are wolves. When they buy, they criticize and censure in their endeavor to reduce the price, but when they sell they exaggerate in praising their wares. Their objective is to only accumulate wealth which will be left for inheritance. They yearn to combine night and day to gratify their greed for the duniya (this world).


Pig (Khinzeer): They are men who emulate women. They answer every call of women.


Dog (Kalb): They are the immoral ones who are swift in pursuing the duniya. They do not adhere to the truth.


Fox (Tha’lab): They are the imposters masquerading as men of the Deen to deceive people. They deceive people in order to fleece them of the duniya (wealth).


Sheep/Goat (Shaa’t): This is the true Mu’min whose wool is sheared (by the people of the duniya), who is milked, whose flesh is consumed, whose skin is removed and whose bones are broken. How is it possible for him (the Mu’min) to coexist among these wicked tormentors?”


Every Mu’min should make muraqaba (meditate). Do some earnest and sincere soul searching, and determine which of these six categories you currently fit in, and where you would rather fit. “And only the people of intelligence take lessons.” (Quran)



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