A Beautiful Conversation

In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent & Merciful


Reported in the book of Imam Abu Hamid al Ghazali (IhyaUlum Ad Deen, vol I, book of knowledge, characteristics of scholars of hereafter) the conversation between Shaikh ShaqeeqBalkhi and his student HazratHatim:-


One day Shaqeeqbalkhi (Allah be pleased with him) asked his student Hatim (Allah be pleased with him), “How many days have you spent with me?”


Hatim:- 33 years


Shaqeeq:- And how many things have you learnt from me?


Hatim:- 8 things.


Shaqeeq:- I have wasted my entire life with me and you have learnt only 8 things!


Hatim:- Sir, I have not learnt more than 8 things and I do not lie.


And then Hatim(RA) explained the following 8 things:

  1. I casted my eyes on entire creation and I found that each one of us has a beloved. The beloved accompanies him/her till his/her grave, but leaves him alone in the grave. Thus, I befriended good deeds and made them my beloved, so that when I enter my grave, my beloved stays with me and does not leave me alone.

  3. I pondered over the following verses of Allah:
    And whosoever in this life fears from standing before his Lord and prevents his self from indulging in prohibited actions, will find his abode in heaven.(80: 40-41)
    I realized that the above-mentioned verse of Allah is true. Therefore, I worked upon myself to keep it away from wrong actions unless it became fixed in obeying the commands of Allah.

  5. I meticulously observed that human beings safeguard their precious belongings.
    Then I pondered over the following verse of Allah:
    And whatsoever is with you in this life will ultimately vanish and what is with Allah, will remain forever.(16:96)
    Therefore, I sent each valuable item that I possessed, towards Allah, as a trust, so that it remains forever.

  7. I observed human beings are arrested in their love for wealth, heredity, prestige and status. Then, I pondered over the following verse of Allah:
    Whosoever is pious is more beloved in the sight of Allah. (49:13 and also 28:60)Thus, in order to gain status in the sight of Allah, I endeared piety.

  9. I observed that human beings are caught in malice, the reason for that is envy. While, I pondered over the following verse of Allah:
    …We have distributed provisions among our servants in this worldly life… (28: 57)Thus, I cursed the poison of envy and I separated myself from malice realizing that Allah is the disposer and distributer of all affairs and provisions.

  11. I found that human beings in enmity with each other. Whereas, Allah says:
    For indeed devil is your enemy therefore you also treat him as your enemy.
    Thus, I started treating devil as my enemy and prevented myself from the enmity of human beings.

  13. I found human beings running after provisions and in this race he is ready to degrade himself and has lost the distinction between prohibitions and obligations. While, Allah says:
    There is no living creature in this universe, whose provision is not due upon us (11:6)I realized that I too am the creation of Allah and my provision too is guaranteed from Allah, thus instead of involving myself in the foray for provision, I indulged myself in fulfilling the rights of Allah which are due upon me.

  15. Human beings have placed their trust on the following things: business, wealth, status, beauty, land, etc.
    While Allah says:
    And whosoever places his trust upon Allah, then Allah is sufficient for him (65:3)
    Thus, I placed my entire trust upon Allah and indeed Allah is sufficient or me

Shaqeeq Balkhi said:


“O Hatim! May Allah bestow you with righteous deeds. Whatever you have said is the summary of Quran, Psalms, Torah and Bible and by acting on these principles a man can act upon all the books of Allah.”



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